First, there is nothing “premium” about a 2 part (A+B) system other than companies put the word “premium” in front of their products. Second, Absolutely! Our 1-part solubles contain all the macro and micro nutrients that are essential for growing perfect cannabis plants. The only reason liquid nutrient companies have an A and B (2-part system) is that Calcium and Phosphorous form a solid (Calcium Phosphate) in liquid concentrate form so they have to be kept separate until mixed in the reservoir.

Other fertilizers use calcium nitrate for the calcium source. Plants have to very hard to uptake calcium in this form so a surplus must be added to the fertilizer to make sure the plants get enough. Most of it isn’t used and goes to waste. Our calcium analysis is much lower because we use a chelated form of calcium that is immediately available to the plant for consumption. It’s extremely efficient and requires very little expended energy from the plant to absorb our chelated calcium.

Glad you asked, you have been scammed. You do not need 6+ bottles of base nutrient and additives to grow perfect, high-yielding plants.