Take control of your garden with precision measurements. No more spills, no more 2 part mixes. Our premium grade water-soluble powder yields unrivaled results.

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With a 1 part base and 1 PK additive the only other item we use is Power Si silica. Needless to say, our pump wall is pretty empty and that makes me feel good inside.

Stop buying water, stop buying unnecessary additives and supplements, and just feed your plants what they crave. In my two years using Dripstone on a commercial scale, I can say with confidence that it’s easy to mix, won’t clog emitters and will deliver consistent results throughout each and every batch. Also, Reggie and his team are top notch when it comes to customer service!

These are premium nutrients in a powerful, clean and stable water-soluble powder system. Keep it simple and highly economical. No gimmicks here, just a smart system built for cannabis. Thanks!

We have been very happy with the outstanding results from using Dripstone Nutrients. We love the simplicity of the one-part base. The customer service is unmatched as well!

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